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Proceedings Guidelines

Alhamd Multidisciplinary Conference on Emerging Technologies

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Authors interested in getting their Abstracts, Full length papers, Thesis Summary and Posters available in the conference proceedings are requested to follow the guidelines given below:

  1. The conference proceedings will be published in a CD-ROM format and will be available to each conference participant. Additional CD-ROMs, if available, can be bought at the conference site at a nominal price.
  2. There are two types of presentation. The presentation through Video Conference and In-Absentia Presentation. All the participants desire to present either through Video Conference on agreed time slot or In-Absentia Presentation must submit a video presentation (10-15 minutes long) along with PowerPoint slides.
  3. The presenter should be audible and visible (slides).
  4. The audio and video should be synchronized.
  5. Proper connectivity and other technicalities should be handled by the presenter him/herself.
  6. All the In-Absentia presentation necessities should be available and in proper working order.
  7. Technical team members of AMCET-20 can guide in software Installation and its usage upon prior request.
  8. Abstracts, Full length papers, Thesis Summary and Posters failing to provide video presentation and PowerPoint Slides will be discarded from the AMCET-20 proceedings.
  9. The text should be single-spaced with 10-point Times New Roman Font in MS WORD.   Please ensure that all variables (in mathematical expressions) are in italics and NOT bolded. An electronic version in MS WORD should be sent via e-mail. No hard copy is required. No article can be accepted for the proceedings without an electronic copy in WORD.
  10. If your paper has been given a number AMCET1003, name your file as AMCET1003.
  1. A Sample Paper is attached to help you format your paper (see respective template).
  2. Please write the paper reference number, title, authors’ names, addresses, e-mails etc. on the cover page. The manuscript should be prepared on standard 8.5”x11” paper (or A4 size) with a margin of one inch margin on all four sides. Use of footnotes is strongly discouraged.
  3. If the form of the manuscripts observes poor than it will automatically be rejected.  Some examples of poor form are: too small or large margins, too small or large font size, different font type, etc.
  4. There is a limit of maximum six pages manuscript, three pages of Structured Abstract, and single page poster per registered Title. The extension of manuscript is welcome for Journal publications. The registration of journal is free for first fifteen full length manuscript articles. The detail can be taken from AMCET-20 Secretary ( The rest of the participants please enclose a payment for excessive pages at the rate of 100 Rs/US $10 per page. The document exceeding agreed pages and without a payment for excessive pages will not be included in the proceedings.
  5. Since there will be no further opportunity of editing, it is strongly suggested that you have your paper checked with a competent colleague or professional for English syntax, grammar, etc. Papers with writing problems will not be included in the proceedings.
  1. At least of one of the authors must pre-register for AMCET-20 for Abstracts, Full length papers, Thesis summary and Posters to be included in the proceedings. Articles without the pre-registration fee cannot be included in the Proceedings.
  2. It is not mandatory for participants to submit full papers. In fact, you should submit full paper as per these guidelines only if you wish the same included in the Proceedings.
  3. It is assumed that the papers submitted are the original works of the authors and no copyrights have been violated. AMCET-20 and its associated bodies will not be responsible for any such violations.
  4. Those who are interested presenting thesis summary are advised to follow the guidelines of structured abstract.
  5. The poster template is also provided in .ppt editable format. The poster submission other then .ppt files will not be included in the conference proceedings.

(AMCET-20 are not responsible for manuscripts e-mailed to any other e-mail address than the provided )